Matt J Raibert

Software Developer



Design, test and develop high-quality software that is maintainable and serves real business needs.


Work with users or subject matter experts to understand their business problems and develop the software they need.


Recognize opportunities for team growth. Help a team remove obstacles, solve problems and work better.


Position Development

Member/Owner and Developer Lead

August 2014-Present

At Position Development I have worked within the non-profit, media, and publishing spheres, building e-commerce stores, publishing platforms, and data analytics applications, for clients like Verso Books, The Criterion Collection, and the national non-profit Real Food Challenge.

Cyrus Innovation

Senior Agile Developer and Developer Coach

March 2007-January 2014

At Cyrus I have written software for clients using Extreme Programming practices and a range of technologies. I've coached new team members at all experience levels helping them get up to speed extremely quickly. I regularly facilitate retrospective meetings using a toolkit of analytic techniques to remove obstacles and solve problems.

New York Times Infrastructure

Senior Developer and Coach with Cyrus

May 2013-January 2014

Developed a web app that provides an intuitive abstraction for managing raw cloud computing resources. Users can manage resources from AWS as well as from internal VMWare clusters. The app uses rails, mysql, sidekiq and with tests written in rspec and mocha.


Senior Developer with Cyrus

Oct 2012-May 2013

Developed software for a business to business sales portal where brand representatives purchase and configure BV products. The app is a java based web app using spring mvc, gwt and dropwizard with tests written in selenium, junit and mockito.

Boston Capital UI

Team Lead Developer with Cyrus

July-Sept 2012

Tested and updated front-end code (originally developed for ie6) to work with the latest browsers (ie10, firefox, chrome). Converted legacy prototype code to jquery; test driven with jasmine.


Team Lead Developer with Cyrus

Nov 2011-March 2012

Led a team of developers working on an app that allows public access channels to collect, schedule and distribute video content through a simple web interface. Content creators could log in and upload their videos for channel admins to approve and schedule. Behind the scenes the app would validate and transcode the content into an appropriate format and then stream it directly to the local cable tv providers.

Cyrus Skunkworks

Software Product Researcher and Developer

April 2011-Nov 2011

Worked with a small internal team investigating product development. We conducted market research and developed rapid prototypes of several applications.

Boston Capital

Software Developer and Coach with Cyrus

March-Dec 2007, April 2009-April 2011

On the Boston Capital team I worked on a sophisticated asset management web app. This application allows for complex data entry with validation, document management, asset performance reporting, and tax credit calculations. It is developed in java and groovy using webwork, picocontainer, hibernate and sql server with tests written in selenium, junit, jbehave, mockito and spock. I helped build this on-site XP development team from the ground up.

Lehman Brothers

Junior Developer with Cyrus

1 day in June 2008

Spent this single day moving code from rcs to svn. The project was abruptly cancelled as their position in the housing market began to collapse. It was an exciting day.


Junior Developer and Coach with Cyrus

Dec 2007-April 2009

Developed a system for managing and optimizing student book shipments, a tool for student class registration and a revenue recognition tool. These were developed using java, spring/mvc/aop, hibernate and ejb2. I also coached an existing development team toward Extreme Programming.

Boston Dynamics

Junior Programmer

Summer 2006

Implemented user interface elements in c++ using Qt. Fixed bugs.

Cryptography Group at Columbia U

Student Researcher

January 2005-August 2005

Postcrypt Art Gallery


September 2005-December 2006

As director of this student art gallery I coordinated logistics, publicity, art curation and show design for about 10 gallery openings per year.


Columbia University - New York City

B.Sc. in Computer Science


Technical Keywords

  • ruby, haskell, javascript, java, c++, html, css
  • rspec, minitest, mocha, jasmine, junit, mockito
  • mysql, sql server, postgres
  • rails, sinatra, snap, jquery, d3, spring/spring mvc, hibernate
  • git, svn, cvs
  • linux, bsd, windows, macosx

Matt J Raibert — — (917) 328-0228